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Dyslexia Project.

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Sir Ken Robinson - A funny and interesting Talk about education and seeing potential in everyone - not directly about dyslexics but about intelligence of all kinds.



Sir Ken has several TedTalks check them out. Some have really helped me realize that I wasn't the problem, it was the system or education I was in was the issue. At high school I was bottom set for most subjects. Then I moved to art college and I was the top for everything. So you can see that with effective education everyone will be able to grow their confidence while learning. One of the numerous things in this talk that strikes me, is now all the years of being wrong actually is now one of my strengths. I am not scared to be wrong. And what he's saying in this talk is that people lose the capacity of subjects because they think they're not good at something, and this is an amplified point when it comes to dyslexic kids.

Rick Rubin - Music producer - Transformative influencer - Not dyslexic but an interesting mind. Who verbally describes the process and fluidity to creativity. - Not letting your pre-presumed ideas hold you back, and to let the ideas of Flow take over.



Rick had a very wordy, spiritual book too. If you like how he talks about ideas check out his other stuff on creativity. I find I relate to the way musicians and how the music industry talks about the creation of ideas.  there is a James Blake Podcast link belwo aswell.

Flow State - Not to do with dyslexia but over the years I have become more intune with my gut instinct and some of my best work was made in the dazed, out of body mind state, called FLOW!


Flow state is a strange one, and interesting that I've added it to the list. For me the world is built without me in mind. But over the years I've become reliant on not thinking about whatever the task is in hand, and just doing. Entrusting myself and my gut reaction in the moment and not having to articulate it beforehand. Obviously an interesting one when you have to convince a client to trust you. But over the years it has proven time after time to work. And flow state is when its really hitting. You lose all sense of the world around you and in that moment of transcendence you wake up to see some of your best work. Try it. Or try to find it.

Barbra Corcoran,  - How to kill your negative self-talk & use your dyslexic thinking to succeed.


A recently found video of the Shark tank entrepreneur and the Queen of real estate.

James Blake. Going back to Rick Rubin in conversation with. Now, they are talking about music, but if you subtract the musical production out of the equation, there is a lot of self discovery, learning about what you like as an individual and ignoring what other people are creating or doing and going on your own journey to discover how you make things. I'm relating this to me making work as a photographer but Barbra is talking about the same thing - making your own business. Realizing your strengths and not letting the hurt and the upset of learning your stupid, ignoring that and creating something outside the rule book that normally minded people have created.


It's an amazing moment when he talks about being laughed at by his peers for singing a song that he loves. Being embarrassed and ashamed. I had a similar thing, I mean I'm sure all dyslexics are all laughed at, and picked on for not being able to read. But I also had a similar thing happen to me liking art. Lots of homophobic undertones and remarks towards this idea of me being stupid or having lack of ability in reading and writing. -  how you are going to do well in art if you're stupid.. I think some kids either don't know what they are saying to you, and the damage it creates, or there is a culture of holding each other back or othering people who like certain things that's different to them. I can't talk about racism, sexisem or homophobia but this is the same mechanism of ignorance and unwillingness to let others be themselves. I don't know why we do this to one another, imagine a world of pure encouragement and non judgment.

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